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1.Wrath-strong fierce anger through out
2.Sloth-excessive laziness
3.Pride-high sense of one's personal status, selfish
4.Envy-feeling of discontent with others advantages
5.Lust-intense sexual desire
6.Greed-rapid desire towards wealth/possessions
7.Gluttony-compulsive eating, after your full
8.Naive-showing lack of judgement/experience/info.
9.Aggrieve-abusing oneself or others for pleasure/fun
10.Prevaricate-compulsive lieing
11.Vanity-excesive pride in ones apperance
12.Insolence-boldly rude/disrespectful to others
13.Aggravate-annoy/irriate beyond belief for amusement
14.Cozen-cheat/decieve, blame others for your actions
15.Exploit-takes advantages of others and situations
16.Gar-forcing others to do your misdeeds/actions
17.Plagiarise-take credit for someone elses work/ideas
the 17 Deadly Sins (update) lives in everyone of us, just urging to burst out and to do harm and evil.
by SippinJiz February 22, 2011