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1) bundle of sticks.
2) cigg in Europe.
3) slang for a homo, fudgepacker, queer, fruitcake, or gay.
4) slang for a complete douche/asshole or someone you extremely hate.
5) to say hi or bye to good bro/bud.
6) just to be rude or for fun, be an insolent prick and call people faggots for your own amuzement.
1. you see that faggot over there, eh?
2. you got a fag for me?
3. you see that faggot over there kissin guys?
4. yo Chet is such a faggot, he has no respect for anyone.
5. see ya faggot!
6. hey, whoever reads this, they are complete FAGGOTS!
by SippinJiz March 18, 2011
term for cool and psychdelic
yo yer haircut is so furn

todd is looking furn today
by SippinJiz April 24, 2011
1.Wrath-strong fierce anger through out
2.Sloth-excessive laziness
3.Pride-high sense of one's personal status, selfish
4.Envy-feeling of discontent with others advantages
5.Lust-intense sexual desire
6.Greed-rapid desire towards wealth/possessions
7.Gluttony-compulsive eating, after your full
8.Naive-showing lack of judgement/experience/info.
9.Aggrieve-abusing oneself or others for pleasure/fun
10.Prevaricate-compulsive lieing
11.Vanity-excesive pride in ones apperance
12.Insolence-boldly rude/disrespectful to others
13.Aggravate-annoy/irriate beyond belief for amusement
14.Cozen-cheat/decieve, blame others for your actions
15.Exploit-takes advantages of others and situations
16.Gar-forcing others to do your misdeeds/actions
17.Plagiarise-take credit for someone elses work/ideas
the 17 Deadly Sins (update) lives in everyone of us, just urging to burst out and to do harm and evil.
by SippinJiz February 22, 2011

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