A random word, created by me, used when no other word will do.
"I'm so bored!"
"Me 2, me 14.7!"
by emily laura April 16, 2005
Top Definition
Radio code used by police aware that an undercover officer is involved. "NARC" in it's truest form. PIG in PLAIN SIGHT P.I.P.
You sold to 147, are you nuts! you know they gotta be wired.
by eddie "brat" weathers January 15, 2007
Slang for along time
I have been married for 147 years

This page took 147 hours to load
by WIRich September 10, 2006
Police "Code" that signifies murder or the commiting of murder
"147 an undercover cop..."
by LionHeart XTC December 11, 2003
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