Word used to baffle mindless l33t speakers and force them to unwittingly correct your grammar.
A: Wow I'm so 1447, I can't believe I pounded you.
B: WTF is 1447, don't you mean 1337 and pwnd? Joo n00b!
by |Mac10| Garden Vegetables June 04, 2004
a. A number that comes immediately after 1446.
1446, 1447, 1448...(hope that's not too hard)
by DarkSaber January 05, 2004
More 1337 than 1337 and all other poser number combs such as 1338, 1339, 13310.
We created 1447 because these silly joobles stole the other numbers >=(

1447 5n1p4g3!
by Beefy December 23, 2003

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