This number is defined by the number of letters in the phrase I LOVE YOU. I being 1 letter love being 4 letter and you being 3 letters hence the term 143
I will c u 2maro 143 don't b l8
by wolfman1978 January 21, 2015
I Love You. After the "I Love You" lighthouse at Minot's Ledge, about 20 miles SE of Boston Harbor. In 1894 a flashing lantern was installed flashing once-pause-4 times-pause three times-repeat.
Texting "143" to your kids gets a different response every time.
by Gymm August 01, 2009
Anyone who has fucked Sal the Stockbrokers' wife.
"That guy sent a 143 text to Sal's wife"
"Really? He so fucked her."
by saqemt February 12, 2009
"I Love You"

1 = I
4 = Love
3 = You
I heard this from a ladie when I was sitting uptown one daie with friends. I had never heard of 143 before and she came up telling us a storie that when her and her husband were dating back in the daie they couldnt outwardlie saie I Love You so they came up with this code waie of saieing it, which was 143. It was reallie weird and random that she told us this.. not sure if she actuallie did make it up but prettie weird aniewaies.
by Ashliiees September 25, 2006
A cool way of saying I love you. The one 1 stands for the one letter "I" the 4 stands for the four lettered "love" and the 3 stands for the three lettered "you"
Sexy Girl:143.

Epic Guy:143 too.
by namixas11 December 05, 2010
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