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The 143 is a brand of bus found in Manchester of the Oxford/Wilmslow Road variety. It is a feared bus as it is cleverly discuised as a 142 bus due to its insistence of being a Magic Bus and thus can easily fool pissed students on their way home from a night in the town at 3 o'clock of the AM variety.

On its way into Manchester the 143 can be caught by anyone and therefore people who wouldn't get the 143 back would get it there. On its way back from Manchester it runs the same route as the 142 bus but only as far as the Palatine Road variety. Then it goes down Palatine at which point people realise they are are on a 143 and can lead many people from the Didsbury division of the Wilmslow Road variety have to catch another bus or walk home.

Nobody knows where the 143 travels to out of Manchester as nobody has ever got the bus for that purpose thus causing a pandemonium outside Job Centre Plus which would look like good evidence against unemployment rates. It is rumoured to be travelling back to the treacherous swamp from wence it was born.
Ahmed: "Is that a 142, lad?"
Swann: "No, it's a 143"
Ahmed: "Damn"

"Ahhh fuck we got on a 143!"

"Shit, it's 5am and there's no buses we might have to actually catch a 143 instead of waiting for the 142"
by GF November 18, 2006
A line in the worst song ever.
"Text 143 that means i love you girl..."

(iYiYi by Cody Simpson)
by Iloveyou**** April 09, 2011
I Love You. After the "I Love You" lighthouse at Minot's Ledge, about 20 miles SE of Boston Harbor. In 1894 a flashing lantern was installed flashing once-pause-4 times-pause three times-repeat.
Texting "143" to your kids gets a different response every time.
by Gymm August 01, 2009
A sign of love to someone. ARM JJL
143=I love you
by jamie lamothe March 28, 2003
A cool way of saying I love you. The one 1 stands for the one letter "I" the 4 stands for the four lettered "love" and the 3 stands for the three lettered "you"
Sexy Girl:143.

Epic Guy:143 too.
by namixas11 December 05, 2010
From the time Barrack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate.
After 143 days of work experience, Obama now believes he is ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World, and fill the shoes of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan.
by Hilldog08 July 11, 2008
Anyone who has fucked Sal the Stockbrokers' wife.
"That guy sent a 143 text to Sal's wife"
"Really? He so fucked her."
by saqemt February 12, 2009
Most may use this to mean "I love you" but this can also mean "I miss you".

The numbers stands for how many letters are in the first word or phrase.
1= I
4= miss
3= you

These three numbers are most often used in text messaging or online.
Example: When you're feeling a big part of you is missing, texting a person 143 will brighten their day.

"It feels like me and him are not even friends anymore. I need him to know. I'll text him 143."
by KLS0525 July 10, 2008