Once arising from a use by hackers but now commonly used by people with a lack of anything better to say, and people who probably need more education.

That SO 1337!!!!!!!!!1
by Joe_RD April 22, 2008
1+3+3=7 a simple equasion to pwn any nub that gets in your way

means eleet or awsome skilled etc etc
Veteran: thats 1+3+3=7
n00b: HUH????
Veteran: 1337 l0lz
by Bofij July 25, 2006
Originating from the word "elite," it has become more formerly known as "leet" = "1337". Used by many of those preteen chronic masturbators who sit infront of their compputer thinking they are cool because they have maphack, or some other type of mod or "hack". 1338 consists of numbers or symbols that take the place of letters such as
A=4, B = 13, C=can be "C" or the beginiing parenthases = "(", D = 1), E=3, F=|=, G=9, etc.
Kevin: "We won!!"
Chris: "w00t w3123 1337"!!!
by KiMCHi CrAkA October 22, 2006
The year that the Hundred Years' War started. Although, it lasted for 116 years.
The Hundred Years' War started in the year 1337 A.D. (or B.C.E. if you prefer)
by history alive March 03, 2008
retard speak within the gamer community.
mostly used by fat 30 year old chronic masturbator gamers with no life.
t0tally pnwed u. u r so a n00b and i am so 1337
by rhcpbell88 October 07, 2007
A slang internet language mostly used by gamers to confuse other players. It is a series of numbers and symbols derived from the English language in a way that it looks similar to the letter it represents.

There are many different varieties of it from just a few numbers to "hardcore 1337" also known as 31337.
1. mango_tango263: 1 4|\/| 50 1337 |\|00|\|3 \/\/111 3\/312 |_||\||)312574|\||) |\/|3.

Hardcor3_1337: \/\/|-|47(|-||_| 741|<1|\| |30|_|7 \/\/11115?

2. 1F Y0U (4N R34D 7H15 Y0U B451C411Y UND3R574ND 17.
by Dragon_slayer1337 June 24, 2010

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