One Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Seven

Also known as Elite
1337 chat is used by either of the following
Used mainly by hackers (intelegent people who think they're cool by using numbers instead of letters normally losers in their school or community) 10% and wannabe hackers (idiots who don't know what they're actually saying but thinks its funny to see numbers when they are trying to put words in) 90%
I myself being a real hacker am not fond of "1337 chat" because it disrupts all meaning and just makes me look like a complete retard.

My common dictionary if ever using 1337 chat
A = 4
B = 13
C = { or (
D = l)
E = 3
F = F
G = 6 or 9
H = l-l
I = 1
J = J
K = l<
L = 1
M = lVl or /\/\
N = lV or /\/
O = 0 or () or

P = D or ]D
Q = Q
R = 12
S = 5
T = 7
U = U
V = \/
W = VV or \/\/ or lN
X = ><
Y = Y
Z = 2

Please give me a thumbs up =)
Z0lVlG 1M 50 lVlUCl-l lVl0R3 1337 7l-l4lv J00
Oh my god I am so much more elite than you are.
by Ryan Deming June 20, 2006
1337, or "Leet(Elite)" is a computer language mostly used in the early days by hackers. 31337 was the UDP port hacked into on Windows 95. Since then it's been simplified to just 1337. Most hackers used it to 1.) Look like morons who were "cool" and 2.) Make it harder for people with enough intelligence to read REAL words, to track them. Now used mostly by posers, newbies, hackers, and anyone with the brain capacity of a fish.
"l>00l> 1 4/\/\ 50 1337!!!"
"Dude I am so Leet(Elite)"
by Jon March 10, 2005
Twenty three minutes to two.
1337, Regarded by many as the most "hardcore" time of the day, 13:37 is the single minute during which most murders, rapes, hold-ups and general pwnings occur.
by N0name December 13, 2007
Pronounciation : lee·t
v., adj., adv., n.

1. Containing extraordinary skills.
2. Having extreme intelligence, especially in the field of Computer Science.
3. Having incredulously elated level of skills in gaming.
4. To utterly obliterate an opponent.
5. Extremely high and mighty.
I'm 1337. Being used as a noun
I'll 1337 you in 5 seconds. Being used as a verb
I'm a 1337 StepMania player. Being used as an adjective
I 1337ly pwned you in the duel. Being used as an adverb
by Kouji Kamishiro January 05, 2006
January 3rd, 1937, the most l33t day in history EVER.
"I wish I was born on 1-3-37, so I could've been born to be l33t."
"Your mom is a 1-3-37 baby, is she l33t at sex?" (Never say the 2nd example, lol)
by David777 September 23, 2008
Hacker speak for 'elite'. Basically, it means you've got intense skills. It is now an internet language used mainly by weak, unnatractive, failures wasting their lives in their low rent apartment.
For 99% of the internet users:
Teh 1337 @+ @ny+h!|\|g \/\/@$ 0|\|c3 @ |\|00b.

For people who actually have lives:
The elite at anything was once a beginner.
by wakalakalover45 June 23, 2006
L337, 1337 or |_337 is a code used by gamers and hackers
{7|-|3r3 !5 |\|0 4g633d \/\/49 70 5p34|< |_337}

There is no agreed way to "speak" leet
by 2l3374u August 01, 2005
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