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A wheely that stands straight up and down.
Damn, that motherfucker just kicked a tight as 12-o-clock wheely. damnnnn that shit was tight!!!!
by Benny Chains December 18, 2004

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1.the middle of the day or night
2.a type of clock where the direction that you face becomes 12 O'clock.it is usually used to secretely point out the location of a hot girl, or anything of that sort.
Example 1.
dude 1. yo what time is it?
dude 2. its 12 O' Clock
dude 1. Which one?
Dude 2. in the afternoon.
dude 1. Word?
Example 2.
JO. yo there is a chick over there with nice tigobigees
Me. where?
Jo. 12 O'Clock
me. Sweeeet
by Sahara Desert December 17, 2008
1. a time
2. a direction
3. the ugliest thing on earth
1. its 12 o clock dude
2. mike look 12 o clock
3. ew look at my 12 o clock terd in the toilet
by anusberry March 12, 2003