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a roblox nickname for people who joined in 2011.
simple enough, alright?
11ama actually means llama only to be replaced with 11 in the beginning

also, generally, in the ways of ROBLOX, anybody who joined later than June 26, 2011 (if not an alternate account of somebody else who's totally awesome), is, err, stupid.
Normal guy: Hey look, there is this guy called JustinBieberIsAwesome. He's a 11ama.
Another guy: JustinBieberIsAwesome, a 11ama. Explains why he's stupid.
Same normal guy: Yeah, 11amas are stupid. Except everyone who OTs.
Somebody else: What's OT?
Same normal guy: Never mind.
by ThatRandomVagineer November 18, 2011
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