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Used to tell another officer to stop transmitting and change channels, usually to one more secure.
Person one: 10 3, go to uhf secure, over.

Person two: Roger that.
by Solja May 07, 2006
The score of the Stratford v. Memorial Varsity Football game, signifying the end of an age and the beginning of the Apocalypse. Often used to mock the uglies, aka Memorial Mustangs.
Hey, David Hill: 10-3, biatch!
by The Minority January 04, 2004
Ryan|Eagles. 'nough said.
Did you see Ryan|Eagle's 10.3? Yeah man it definitely ruined Ke$ha
by Kipz May 28, 2010
Said when two people say the same sentence simultaneously.

If then one says 103 and the other cannot speak until someone calls him/her by name.

At least that's how it's used in Hungarian.
A: That guy is handsome.
B: Aww how cute!

A: 103!
B: ...
by Jéger Fanni March 09, 2006
to bust on a sandcastle
originated from the native americans
a form of entertainment if the sandcastle falls you automatically win
I 103d on that shit at the beach the other day
by my nuts August 12, 2004
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