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A sub genre of Drum and Bass, charecterised by big "wobbly" basslines with a simple structure, usually consisting of a 3 note progression. The swing beat is used excessively in this simplistic form of dnb. These travesties of electronic music are popular with pill munching plebs who delight in nothing better than flailing their arms about and jumping up and down like a muppet plugged into the mains socket. This phenomena seems to generate a lot of money for the producers of such a formulaic style due to the "common raver" being the lowest common denominator the dj has to cater for.
See: Dillinja, post 2000. And Twisted Individual.
by Solja January 05, 2005
a properly clueless cunt with a vacant look
dont look at me like a numptee
by Solja July 16, 2003
A way to tell uniformed officers to stay away from a particular area.
Person 1: We're sending in the unmarked cars, code 5.

Person 2: Roger that.
by Solja May 07, 2006
Used to tell another officer to stop transmitting and change channels, usually to one more secure.
Person one: 10 3, go to uhf secure, over.

Person two: Roger that.
by Solja May 07, 2006
A way of saying 'Straight up' or 'for real'
Person 1: Let's drop in on that club, that beat's bumpin'.

Person 2: On some true, nigga!
by Solja May 07, 2006
A way of saying 'give me a piece of ass'
Inmate1: Whatchu want, fool?

Inmate2: Give me some butt, nigga!
by Solja May 07, 2006
"Ten-One", used most often when an officer is being received poorly on the radio.
Person1: He's running around the rear of the building.

Person2: 10 1, say again.
by Solja May 07, 2006

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