Meaning "yes", "affirmative", "true". 0, OTOH, means "no".
Him: Are you listening to me?
You: 1

Him: Do you understand me?
You: 0

Him: Is that really so?
You: 1

Him: You've got to be kidding!?
You: 0
by Annihilator (tPW) May 11, 2006
It is brought from New York and it is short for ONE LOVE, people use it as a departure. When you talk to some one your close 2 or even a friend you would say 1, befor you get off the phone or when your leaving your freind or family.
Jonella: well i gotta go so call me later ok!
Devin: aight das kool imma hit'chu up ~1~
by Nitrizzy February 24, 2005
The loneliest number that you'll ever do.
2 can be as bad as 1, its the loneliest number since the number 1.
by WAGMIRE October 14, 2005
1 is short for one love.

It is used for good-bye or 'Im out'
Keith:yo bb im 'bout to leave
BB: iight keith, 1
by Bahamaboy06 July 10, 2005
(Definition A)
The 1337 way of noting that you must leave. As most people chatting online are lazy, they always look for shortened ways to convey their messages. In this way, the evolution of this term has inarguably reached its peak.

"Gotta go" -> "g2g" -> "g to g" -> "g/g" -> "1"

Thus, from idiom to abbreviation to mathematical ratio, we have 1.

(Definition B)
Again, along the lines of 1337, groups of 1s may be used to end exclamatory sentences, usually for the purpose of mocking n00bs who greatly overuse exclamation marks and fail to release the 1 key before the "Shift" key. May be used with extra extensions such as "one", "eleven", "sin(x)^2+cos(x)^2", or "-(e^(pi*i))". See the example for greater detail.

(Definition C)
For younger children, especially those recently potty-trained, a brief system of number codes is used to prevent embarrassment when a child audibly requests to use visit the restroom in public. Urination is referred to as "1", excrement is "2".
<Easton> and I TRIED to ask her out, but apparently she isn't interested...
<no_one_2000> Crap, you'll have to finish the story later--my mom wants to use the computer. 1

<master> y can i nvr win
<master> I H8 DIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
<master> SUM1 HLEP!!!!!
<mikeejimbo> OMFGZ0RZ!!!!!!!!!111111111oneoneoneelevenone1111!1!!111
<mikeejimbo> Here's a better idea: Shut he hell up, n00b.

Kid: Mommy! Mommy! I have to go!
Mother: Is it 1 or 2?
Kid: It's 1!
Mother: Then just hold it until we get home.
by no_one_2000 July 12, 2005
The first "real" number in mathematics. Also seen in large quantities in posts by authors who have forgotten to hold down the "Shift" key.
OMG j00 ju5t g0t pwn3d 81tch11111111111111111111111111111111111
by EJL November 25, 2004
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