2 balls and a 7 inch dick
be like james bond....only im gonna be 0091/2 (2 balls 9 1/2 inch dick)
by w-dizzle April 07, 2005
a word to describe utter hate.. originated from the ridiculous hockey drill: 007
imma go 007 on her asss, this shit is ridiculous
by Megan JYD December 16, 2008
Refers to the public humiliation of a ho by her pimp. Loud cursing, erratic gestures usually accompany any 007. Most commonly found in strip mall parking lots.
Damn girl, Whitey Bear mad at you.He straight-up 007'd your ass in line at Taco Bell. Yo business must be bad.
by CDawg April 05, 2005
not the popular agent James Bond, but an IQ of 007
Understand the idiots, for their IQ is 007.
by ArahVictoria December 29, 2005
3 digits that are being used in passwords frequently, in order to strengthen one-word-passwords.



by MrDavidSmith March 05, 2008
The right to kill anyone who gets in the path of duty. Typically associated with fictional British private agents or American soldiers, however this has recently been extended to the right to rape and pillage for American soldiers.
The Man with the Golden Gun, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Vietmann, Guantanamo Bay ect......
by Dave Kane May 28, 2005
I ciggerette in which the tobacco is replaced with marijauan, the filter may also be replaced.
Hey Foo! Fack dem fackin po pos! They wont kno wut im smokin, since I got a 007!
by John Port September 12, 2003

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