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The art of slipping away unnoticed from a party or social situation where a long and tedious goodbye process is not advised and could not otherwise be avoided.
Jonny: What happened to ya last night man??

Bart: Well... After I spilled my drink down Amanda's blouse, I stepped out side to smoke a cigarette which got me spinning, so I puked in the dumpster and got it all down the front of me... yeah... I hailed a cab...

Jonny: Ahhh... The 007...

Bart: My cover was blown, my only option.
by Handsanitizer mishap February 21, 2010
32 22
1. Its is every couch potatoes dream 2. A full packaged male
Why can't I be 007
by crazy fingers March 31, 2004
41 42
Its a drink.
Orange vodka, orange juice, and 7 up.
Get it? 007?
Bartender, I'll have a 007.
by McEnerney September 19, 2005
37 45
A person that hase a lot of BMW's
dude look at 007 over thar.
(see thar for meaning)
by RKSP July 22, 2003
43 56
a sex position when the male hangs on a pipe from the ceiling and lifts his legs up and the woman sits on his penis.
me and my girl were in the 007 and we fell and she broke her arm.
by poopi pants November 28, 2007
13 29
An albino who works at an information center.
I am 007. Bingo is interesting. Hamburger is fantastic adventure.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
20 37
a word to describe utter hate.. originated from the ridiculous hockey drill: 007
imma go 007 on her asss, this shit is ridiculous
by Megan JYD December 16, 2008
2 21