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Where Captain Planet is taking pollution.

Person A: hey, can I litter here?
Person B: yeah, don't worry about it, Captain Planet will take it down to 0 for you.
by Curtbash July 28, 2008
The number of fucks that one gives.
Person 1: Excuse me, sir, can you spare a fuck?
Person 2: I am truly sorry, I have 0 fucks left.
by gnodaB November 06, 2013
The number before 1 but after -1
Without this we would be nothing
-1 0 1 The normal sequence of numbers from -1 going to 1
by Edward Blair May 04, 2006
A number donating nothingness, the absence of anything at all.
0 isn't nothing, it's a number.
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
That BAMF kid from the movie, "Holes". That kid was so cool.
0 is to cool for italic writing.
by The Saltine Cracker March 17, 2012
The sexual act of sucking your penis. Derives from the famous sex position the 69.
Friend: I did a 69 with my girl last weekend.
Me: I had a 0 this morning. Shit was amazing!
Friend: With who?
Me: Myself
by Certifed Ninja February 21, 2012
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