Extremely fine girl up in the house like no one else, getting down on the flo' like nobody's ho!
Bitch, I was marmalading last night at Rico's party.

All those bitches were hatin' 'cause I was marmalading last night at the club!
#flossin #bossy #cool #fine #the shit
by PlusSizeBitchesAnonymous September 08, 2006
Top Definition
A form of culture jamming linked to passive jamming. It concists of jamming forums by sending bitter sweet wake up calls or reality checks backed up with facts. It is often quoted that “Marmalade comes with no preservatives”
marmalading is often shortened to marma.
we need to start marmalading this blog.
have you got the facts for the marmalading?
#marma #marmalade #marmalading #jamming #culture jamming #passive jamming #passive #forum #activism
by Philip James September 07, 2006
Is like jammin but when your moving about talking or socialising with a group of people. Originates at the clippesby hall.
Im marmalading with my family.
#marmalade #social #movement #hall #clippesby
by marmalding August 07, 2011
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