Top Definition
Fob face with a victory sign.
Can't help it ^_^ v
by Kohaku October 07, 2006
one of the poses that u use when you are in a picture. The V is your index and middle finger. Use when you are happy about something.
Kairi: Did u get the award for being one of the best students in the year?

Shina: yes! (^_^)V

Kairi: LoL, yay for u! good job! (^_^)V
by skull August 15, 2007
Like the chinky smile but the "v" serves as the peace sign that asians tend to abuse when it comes to pictures
person 1 types - ^_^

person 2 types- "dude...youre not a real asian...its like this ^_^v "
by Gina Tran July 14, 2006
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