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An ascii face or emotion icon used to describe happiness, or contentness. The "^"'s are the eyes, and the dot it a nose. It's often used by asians or anime fans.
"I love you ^.^"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
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The anime (Anime = Japanese style cartoon) version of the normal smiley, :) You'll notice this kind of smiley in most japanese cartoons, when when character is happy his/her eyes will change to ^'s and the mouth usually a small dot for a smile, or a normal smile.
Omg Katie kissed me yestersday @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ^.^ ^_^ ^.^
by Saaaaam V August 23, 2008
A face commonly used on instant messengers and online multi player games.
=====( ^.^ )=====
====( . )( . )=====
=======) . (=======
==== ==( \/ )======
========\ /
by Adam Gordon12121212 October 28, 2006
Facial expression or a person reaching orgasmic climax.
Oh, oh, yes! Thats the spot! Right there. (^.^)
by smellymax November 29, 2004

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