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Sarcastic or ironic smiley, see also /:
Marie: So where are you now?

Susie: \:
by Linkzie June 29, 2006

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face irony mirror sarcasm smiley
A daring or sarcastic-like smiley used when:

1) A person says something weird or random and:

a. you understand the weird comment but go with it

b. you are happy for or agreeable with someone else

2) You ask/say a:

a. daring or risky question for someone to try and/or do

b. competitive or braggy comment to someone (to try

and/or do)

c. curious question, usually with a fun aspect to it
1) a. Me: HEY! I just found a rock that looks like a

pineapple! Cool huh?!

You: yeah cool... \:)

b. Me: i'm going to catch some bait for the fishing trip

You: \:) ok have fun

2) a. I bet you wont go through with that fight tomorrow \:)

b. Hey dude wanna race back home? \:)

c. You wanna ride in my new car? \:)
by Aguilve July 03, 2010