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This person, or type of person will pretty much screw you over. Truly a jerk and always thinks he is right. Irrational.
Avoid at all costs.
Wow, he's just like an alok.
by Xwee December 23, 2008
5 3
Pure hottness;sexaliciousness
Damn! that jigga is alok fa sho
by uhuhhhh December 29, 2003
281 89
A Jain cosmological term derived from Sanskrit, also known as Alokakash - The (empty) infinite space outside the universe is called the non-universe (Alokakash).
(In the non-universe, space alone exists without the other five substances)
The 6 substances are: Soul (Jiva), Matter (Pudgala), Ether (Dharmastikyya), Anti-ether (Adharmastikaya), Space (Akasha), Time (Kala).
by Alok April 18, 2005
69 125
the biggest pimp out for all da ho's n bizitches; the badest mofucka ya niga's ever c
damn niga, he fucking caught dat damn breezie like alok yo!
by atrain November 22, 2003
83 161
the biggest n baddest pimp out for all da cracka-ho's; the most tricked out mofucka ya niga's ever c
damn niga! He fucking caught dat damn breezie like alok would have yo!
by Train November 22, 2003
76 162
verb: to shit on to someone's chest for their sexual gratification
I went round to your Mum's last night and alokked her.
by anon April 17, 2005
71 185