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eye-rolling in IM or texting
paul: do u wanna go to the kfed concert friday?

mary: um, i think I'll be washing my hair all nite

paul: whatev @@
by beatles john September 09, 2009
When writing an email or texting @@ signifies an eye roll to show sarcasm or distaste.
Person 1: How do you like the weather

Person2: It's just lovely @@.

Person 1: I think that nerd in the corner likes you

Person 2: OMG I'm so touched @@.
by KLML February 10, 2011
An MSN emote that is extremely overused by Sarcastic people.
Person 1: I just found out i got Cancer.
Person 2: Orly @@.
by StooeyC March 23, 2008
to be high or to get high.
Let's @@ tonight because I like being @@!
by ali knut August 07, 2011
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