Top Definition
An emote for disdain.

Synonyms: >_> , << , <_<

The >> are eyes closed and angled in such a way as you might look if you were literally turning your nose up at something. It is meant to express the condescending attitude of the person who types it.
I don't speak to anyone with a NQ tag >>
by Isurus November 21, 2007
> >
Stupid emocion face,paticulary used by females, that has no meaning what so ever
Person1:Hay want to come out later?
Person2: > >
Person1:what the?
by Expl0it February 09, 2012
A quick and excentric way of showing how much you owned someone.
Player_1 drops 10 nukes on Player_2's base

Chat: Player_1 - >>>>>>
Chat: Player_2 - :( gg
Char: Player_1 - lol re?
by RmanDC January 05, 2008

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