3 definitions by Isurus

An emote for disdain.

Synonyms: >_> , << , <_<

The >> are eyes closed and angled in such a way as you might look if you were literally turning your nose up at something. It is meant to express the condescending attitude of the person who types it.
I don't speak to anyone with a NQ tag >>
by Isurus November 21, 2007
In American politics, a liberal is one who believes that more government is the answer to everything.
Government: "Just sign your life over to us, and we'll take care of everything..."

Liberal: "Okay!"
by isurus October 01, 2008
A newbie, esp. one that is too stupid to be called a newb.

Note that nub is not pronnounced "newb" or "noob". "Nub" rhymes with "sub" and "tub".
New players who are ignorant are called newbs. Players who are not new but still ignorant are called nubs.
by Isurus May 04, 2005

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