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>:B is the single greatest "emoticon" ever created. Usage of >:B includes but is not limited to: showing extreme delight in a recent event, conveying mischievousness, and/or revealing that something is a joke.
Person 1: I just stole a peech.
Person 2: >:B

Person 1: I heard you cut the Intertubes connected to Iran.
Person 2: >:B

Person 1: Scientology.
Person 2: What?
Person 1: >:B
by rj118 February 26, 2008
The ultimate "smiley". Has roots with the words pie. The amount of win contained in this combination of letters and symbols has not been measured scientifically. Variations include <:B and :B. The word is best viewed with a font that perfectly aligns the > , : , and B . Such a font has not been found that can be downloaded.
Examples contain fail, this word can't have an example. >:B
by Thy Merciful Bovine February 26, 2008
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