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An expression used during a chat etc, to express that you are tired...
A - "Man this weekend sure will be fun!!"
B - "Lucky for you...I have heaps of work to do...=.="
by Sukari March 19, 2004
to squint at someone when they have done something wrong or if they are going to do something wrong
Fred: i ate the last piece of cake...

Samuel: =.=
by kdlfn October 06, 2010
It is a Emoticon, meaning a dull look.
"hey bro my knight just hit level 92! I rock"
"=.= i'm 120 noob"
by UmbraKnight December 13, 2011
A shutter shades smiley
Tom: Hey, how do you like my new shutter shades =.= ?
Paul: They're awesome!
by shortcutcliffe August 20, 2011