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The same as putting a space as a response, or nothing. the =| is a waste of time. also can mean you don't give a shit about anything that person is talking about, or you were not listening.
Girl: your the father! =)

guy: =|
#face #space #=| #wtf #blank
by Michael Kolak June 15, 2007
1. It's a "blank face." Usually it means you don't have anything to say or are confuzed about something previously said. It's probably one of the worst things to use if you have any intention of carrying on a real conversation (a.k.a. more than a few words.) It is also commonly used in cynisism of a previous statement.

2. The face known to Jhonen Vasquez fans as the "squee face" because a character from one of his comics wears the symbol on his shirt.
Person #1: lolololololololololololol
Person#2: ... no =|

2. =| (but on a shirt)
#=/ #blank face #confuzed #confused #blank #squee #squee face
by I ate that potato chip. December 14, 2010
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