An explosive expression of love, so explosive, in fact, that the author, eager to convey the sentiment, types so fast that they neglect to remove their finger from the Shift key prior to striking the 3 key, thereby resulting in the common typo <# instead of the intended heart.
by Gee Oh February 28, 2011
Top Definition
Roadkill heart. Meant to imply the torment and bitter anguish of extending love to a friend, only to have that love nastily snatched away, laid out on scorching concrete, run over by a Hummer (several times) until it becomes nothing but pulp-of-heart. With nice little tire marks for dramatic effect.
In rare instances, accidentally used as a typo of <3.

nemo: i <3 u!
other: aw <#
nemo: :*(
by nemo the nick April 09, 2006
The common typing error for the <3
I <# you! Oops I meant <3**
by Christie December 29, 2004
Why its a waffle of course!
Person: I'm deppressed.....:{
me: awwwww *pets* want a waffle? <#
Person:*accepts the <#
by Sarita meeka September 01, 2006
its a waffle heart
its what happens when you try to make a capital 3 at the end of your heart like this <3
i <3 you

i <# you too

by jake12213 July 29, 2009
robot heart, instead of less than three which is a human heart.
"i <3 you" becomes "i <# you"
by diana m. June 06, 2006
Used in place of <3 when love is so great that it cannot be expressed with something so common and overused.
Hey, Guess what..
by PUSSING May 24, 2010
An Explosion of love for somebody/thing.
<# my heart is exploding with love for you!
by klintz.com October 09, 2004
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