Smiley face with Salvador Dali mustache
The Salvador Dali exhibit at the LACMA was so weird and interesting :3)
by RCG October 29, 2007
Used in IMs and IRC chatrooms to mimic Grumpy Cat. The :3 represents the infamous nya face, whereas the added ( represents grumpiness/displeasure.
21/12 & still here. Worst Apocalypse Ever :3(
by lezboyd.i.am December 23, 2012
Usually used by Girls, Catfish, Weird people. Mainly used by weird people and Catfish, you can tell its a catfish when they do the :3 in every sentence.
Girl on Whisper: Hoi!!!!!!! :3 im 16 :3
Guy: Cool
Girl on Whipser: Wyd :3 ????

Guy: nm
Girl on Whisper: Okay :3 :3 :3
Guy: Alright you can stop catfish... you're probably like 34
"Girl" on Whisper: Uhhh :3 ... Yeah you got me, and no i'm 56.
by ChoppaFTN May 17, 2016
When you're kind off irritated with what one said.
He- be mine please?

she- No :3
by Outta-league May 28, 2016
It's supposed to be a smile face, representing cuteness, the face that anime characters make sometimes ,but in fact it's used as a dirty or rape face
Him : what are you doing

Her : nothing.. Just home alone... :3

Him : I wanna do something to you.. :3
by TheCleverOneGirl May 30, 2016
A symbol used by a girl over a text message to secretly tell you she's down to fuck.
"Hey what's up I'm bored :3"
by The honest fucking truth April 21, 2016
An emoticon implying something is presh, adorbs, or cute drectly or indirectly.
Guy: I got a new puppy.
Girl: Aweeee he's so cute :-3
Guy: -_-
by sanchezthemagnificent July 18, 2013
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