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The regular smiley :) BAMM!!! You add a mustache :{)

Basically the cool version of the old fashion smiley.
Guy 1 "LOL, that was cool :)"

Guy 2 ":{)"

Guy 1 ":OOOOOO"

Guy 2 "Yes, you have been pwned."
by AwayWeGo April 14, 2010
An emoticon representing someone with a moustache and a goatee. Also :}-, if you're fancy. Presumably a man, but you never know.
I just watched V for Vendatta. :{-
by SomeoneIsUsingMyNameAlready April 23, 2008
Sad mustachioed hipster emoticon
Winston was saddened to find out that his Chinese character tattoo actually means "whiny" :{(
by Schwarzestiefel April 27, 2011
A smiling moustache emoticon.
Joebob: I beat Halo ODST!!!

Bobjoe: That's so awesome!!! :{)
by amipro5 February 16, 2010
the cleft-palate smiley emoticon
I wish these reconstructive surgeons would get here so I can change my emoticon. :{)
by drok roks April 27, 2006
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