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It's an online symbol that looks like a smiley face
A lot of people use :] in aim
by claustrophobic chicken February 02, 2005
A sideways smiley face used over the internet. Used to show happiness.
Boy: Hey :]
Girl: What's up? :]
by someone[: July 10, 2008
A way cooler smiley face that uses brackets instead of parenthesis.
What's up?

Nothing much, you?

Oh, here just studying.

Cool. :]
by The Hit September 07, 2009
emoticon/smiley used instead of ":) or =)" becoming more popular lately. many people are using this :] instead of :) because it's just pro like that...
used to show happiness, or if you were talking in person a smile...
commonly used on email, chat, facebook, myspace, twitter, aim, msn, etc.

anyonym: :- showing sadness...
"Heyyyyy long time no see eh:]"
"ya we shud hang out sumtime :]"
by whyhellothare March 29, 2010
A smileyface that can express happiness just like :), but further emphasizes contentment with something achieved, especially proudness of one's own work.
John: Hey, looking forward to spending our evening together! :)

Paul: I just got an award for my new YouTube video! :]
by Smilerz26 November 26, 2011
A smiley used if your a sexual predator
Dude wanna come in my van :]?
by ControlledHate May 03, 2009
The shit-eating grin smiley emoticon.
I won gold at the Olympics :]
by GTFML May 14, 2015

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