:() is the most daring emoticon ever conceived. The :() is known simply as the Wade Face, and its power is universal. :() is the closest textual representation of the face made by Dywane Wade , and is used primarily as an excuse for actions that blatantly disregard the feelings of others.
Dylan: "Hurry the fuck up and get outside or we are leaving you"
(Time passes)
John: "Did you seriously leave without me?"
Dylan: " :() "
by skele d July 03, 2010
Secret emotion for being horny!!!! (which isn't secret anymore)
Me: Sup boo
Friend: Well, : ()

Me: *blushes*
by Anonymousbro October 30, 2012
:O with mouth so wide open it does not fit in the font height.
Expresses an excess of shock or awe, possibly a dislocated jaw.
13371: All your base are belong to us!
n00b: oh noes! :( )

troll: check this out! 2 girls 1 cup
n00b: :( )
by mehtface March 26, 2011
Horny face
Girl - How are you feeling?
Guy - : ( )
Girl - *blushes*
by : ( ) May 31, 2012
An emoticon yawning.
Bob: Good morning, Jack.
Jack: :() Leave me a lone. I'm tired.
by xspinningisfun September 05, 2010

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