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/pol/ is a sub-board, on the 4chan image board. /pol/ stands for Politically Incorrect. Topics cover a wide range of subjects, including politics, culture, social issues, religion, law, finance, and current events.

People are free to express themselves anonymously, in challenging, enjoyable, and occasionally quite offensive, debate. The regular posters on /pol/ tend to be a rather conservative, anti-multicultural, and anti-feminist, although a wide range of viewpoints are regularly expressed.

Like it's big brother, /b/ the "random" board, /pol. is not a place for the faint of heart. The language can be vulgar, the discourse brutal, and no one is given respect, you must earn it, albeit only temporarily.
/pol/ is eeeeeeevil. Comment on a forum by Omomon

I’ve seen this a lot on 4chan… a lot on /pol/… don’t ask. Comment on a forum by Kyntak
by /Pol/ly Pulpit October 04, 2013
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