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An online command in the game "Everquest 2". Brings up a menu that you can use to order pizza. Perfect for people who are too lazy to get up and use the TELEPHONE!!!
Everquest Player: (types /pizza)
(30 minutes later)
Pizza Hut Deliveryman: Here's your pizza...that comes to...holy s#$@, you're freakin' huge! Get off the chair and get some exercise!
by crazyrabbits May 05, 2005
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The ingame command for Everquest II. Typing this command will open a menu from which you can order pizza and have it delivered by Pizza Hut.
After a long day of questing, I decieded to pull up the /pizza menu and obtain some sustinance.
by wormbo February 23, 2005
An World of Warcraft emote as a reference to the Everquest II emote of the same name

it does the same thing as /hungry, which tells everyone that you are hungry.
Say: /pizza

Cockmonger is hungry!
by lolwhat August 19, 2006
Another word for hunger.

Derived from the everquest 2 in game pizza
ordering menu.
Dude, I'm kinda /pizza.
by Halo Tricky May 06, 2005

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