One of the greatest bands in the world, no doubt about it.

Don't take heed of the previous definition up there because whoever wrote it is a sad elitist clampet who munches the meat.
Gooz: Put on a good album there Jiksy
Jiksy: Fuckin' Right lad, some Tallica on its way
by Gaz C December 30, 2003
Top Definition
Short for Metallica. The band itself calls it self 'tallica. Headed by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield with backup from Kirk Hammet and recently added Robert Trujillo.
The boys of 'tallica are coming out with their first studio album in 6 years on June 5.
by Brian June 04, 2003
Used to refer to "post Black album" Metallica, where many believe they lost their "Metal" edge.
Dude, Tallica totally sucked last night! I want METALLICA back!
by glenhetfield December 11, 2011
Sometimes used as a shorter way to say Metallica
Hey dude! I was at the 'tallica concert last night!!!
by Greg " WarlorD " August 04, 2004
The name for Metallica after they sold out.
They took the metal out of Metallica, and so did I.

There's no metal in 'tallica.
by pdidty March 30, 2011
slang term for the most awesome band in all recorded history

did u get the new tallica album
by hunternator August 01, 2006
The source of the brilliance known as St. Anger, a brutal and complicated album. Definetly a great listen.
It's a bad trend to hate 'tallica.
by fucker June 05, 2003
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