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it's all good.

apology accepted.
Buxom Wench: I'm sorry my bikini came undone
You: 'Sall good!
by DrPepper June 17, 2004
Quick way of saying "It's all good".
1: What's happenin' man?
2: s'all good.
by Xavier-Marxel February 02, 2010
Used in place of 'it's all good'. Mostly used when people are too lazy to type 'it's all good'.

Could also be spelled as sallgood.
Bob: Yo, Mike, are you down with that?
Mike: Yeah man, sall good.
by palindromicanna November 29, 2007
An short-term of the saying 'Its all good'
David: He had sex with your mother?? beat him!!
John: Sallgood
David: WTF?
by Nigbeater April 24, 2005