The official symbol of attention seekers on the internet
Attention Whore: "#YOLO, #SWAGG, #Kony2012
by yooooollllooo February 23, 2013
the hashtag is a internet made punc mark that is made to represent any underlying idea or bit of info that wasnt meant 2 b in the sentence.
i heard Chuck Norris breathe behind me #iamsoscrewed
by #thehiddenrevolution November 07, 2014
used as tagging marking on twitter and also means "number".
"hey girl what's your #??"
by mike ro-wave November 13, 2015
This is a pound sign or number sign. Short for pounds avoirdupois. Not to be confused with the incorrect word "hashtag" which most dumbasses go by. The symbol is defined in Unicode as U+0023 # or British currency symbol "£"
Your dumb if you use "#" as a hashtag. Makes not damn sense. You cant smoke it. It doesn't go on clothing.
by thesatisfyer January 20, 2015
Where I'm from it's to be added to the end of a phrase or sentence in order to give it romantic implications in IM and texts.
Originating from the MSN eye-brow waggling emoticon which is sometimes has the keyboard shortcut "#"
Person: "He walked her home last night" (neutral sentence)

Person: "He walked her home last night #" (meaning something happened between them)
by hairysocks45 July 14, 2009
used in text or chat as a replacement for 'xo' as it is a tic tac toe grid which holds exxes and ohs.
"k. im off to the cafe for a change of scenery. ill talk to you later #"

"bye4now #"
by J. Raymond March 23, 2010
A symbol to represent a fist pound, or "Pound it". Can be used used when a real pound it isn't possible, such as when talking over an instant messenger.
Person one: "Dude, I got laid last night!"
Person two: "Nice, # bro"
Person one: "#"
by Dresryche May 24, 2008
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