A girl's period with emphasis.
"get away form my house!"..............(Comes back) "sorry that was rude of me"
by Relaximum July 17, 2009
A sign of genuine surprise or shock. Lots of people use ! too much, especially 1337 h4xx0r2 and n00bs. Despite what many people say, ! should only ever be used once after a word, repeated !'s do not increase volume or impact of the word.
1."Help! My brain has fallen off!"

2.I 4m t3h 1337 h4xx0r m42t3r, I r0XX0r, J00 4r3 t3h n00b.
by Citezen:Erased April 01, 2005
(1) exclamation (2) negation, also called "bang" in computerese
(1) Wow!
(2) 1 != 2, !love
by vivek achary March 23, 2006
Means that your are exicted or mad.
For example, "Mathew is a freakin weirdo!"
by Your worste nightmare December 10, 2002
To add an exclamation unto something.
Yay! :D! I be teh happyzorz!
by Philip George September 20, 2005

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