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"!" also has an alternative use of making a point in grammar seem really important.
"In the beginning the lord created "!".
Then he added more definitions."

"Graham uses lure!"
by Ellds August 17, 2008
A punctuation mark which appears above an enemy's head in Metal Gear Solid when Solid Snake is spotted.
Genome Soldier: Huh? What was that...?
Snake: *hides unsuccessfully*
Genome Soldier: !
by N64gen May 16, 2009
used to put empasis on a sentence.
WARNING: anyone who uses more than 5 ! is probably insane. this is a classic sign, so watch out for it.
is negated if there is a 1 in there somewhere eg: !!1!!
this just means they are lousy at keeping their finger on the Shift button when typing.
normalperson: wow! thats awesome!
insane/really hyper person: wow!!!!! thats totally AWESOME!!!!!
preppy cow: wOw!!!11 ThAtS LyK tOtAlLy AwEsOmE!!!!1
by that freak from broadstone. January 26, 2007
When used alone, denotes stunned amusement or unexpected laughter.
"What a weekend! I sucked off three guys on Saturday night while getting fucked bareback by two others."

by TehCasey April 23, 2008
! - when placed in front of a sentence, makes that sentence a sarcastic remark.

This pre-emoticon arose out of a need to clarify the concept of sarcasm in statements on the internet that previously could not be expressed with only plain text.

It provides exclamation in front of the sentence as a precursor to the tone of the sentence to come.


It comes from the programmers language meaning NOT - the opposite of what its modifying.


You and your friend are playing horse. You make a difficult shot and your friend says, "What an easy shot." He shoots and misses. You say, "Man, you made that shot no problem."

The fact that you are given background story makes it easy to spot the sarcasm, but this is not always the case on the internet.

To make that last comment sarcastic in a situation where there is no background you would simply use:
!Man, you made that shot no problem.
by agentsmithsan April 28, 2010
the first 'word' in the urban dictionary.

if you don't know what it is. you are ether 3 years old or never graduated preschool

its an exclamation point for pete's sake.
ta da! an exclamation point
by SilkyZ December 29, 2005
In the programming language Prolog, a cut (articulated by the exclamation point) removes all choicepoints created by the preceding statement. Use of the cut is deprecated, or at least discouraged.

A choicepoint is a fork-in-the-road to a Prolog program. Multiple branches of possibilities are saved at this point, with the intention of returning (or "backtracking") to a different path if the current one does not lead to success.

Too many choicepoints, and the program may run out of stack. (ie. Not have enough memory available to store all previous opportunities for different paths.) A cut can prevent this, if used properly, by erasing choicepoints that are no longer relevant or necessary.

For those of you still with me, it's about 2am and I'm tripping on psilocybin mushrooms. So you're going to have to bear with me. Right now, I could use some exclamation points. I'm in serious need of a cut, as the several preceding paragraphs are no doubt proof of.

This nice little analogy probably isn't too clear to anyone outside my head, but to me, the brain normally behaves like a Prolog program with an abundance of exclamation points. Stray thoughts are "cut" out of existence before they can either clog one's brain, or exit via the mouth and manifest themselves as an act of stupidity. In an absence of cuts, however, thoughts may grow out of control and essentially clog one's head. This absence of cuts may be achieved though the use of drugs conventionally classed as "hallucinogens", whether intentional or not.

This absence can be advantageous in moderation, as it can allow thoughts that would normally be subconsciously expelled as absurd or even primitive to blossom into new ideas. But as previously stated, a cut is useful every now and then just to "clear one's head" if the thoughts become overpowering or focusing on any one idea becomes difficult.

And I think this little essay is a good example of the absence of cuts, what they can lead to and why the cut is necessary in day-to-day life. So please, someone hand me an exclamation point.
Me: "I need some explanation points."
Trip buddy 1: "What?"
Me: "I need some explanation points."
Trip buddy 2: "Are you Einstein?"

Prolog code example:
factorial(N,M) :- N < 0, !, fail.
factorial(N,M) :- X is N-1,
M is N * Y.
by Dave October 29, 2004

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