-Spanish term meaning "Bitch" and/or "Whore"
"Hey Garrett, Puta is Barbara all in ONE!!
by Garrett Bray January 23, 2008
The spanish way of saying bitch.
That stupid Puta took my shit.
by Sandyy May 25, 2007
Slut, Whore, Easily seduced. Drunk woman at bar. Flirtatious woman. A female that sleeps around on her husband/ boyfriend. Likes to have lots of sex with different guys. Easy to bed.
Me voy a echar a esa puta. Me gusta es putita. Me gusta conocer putas en los clubs.
by MariaAntonia July 13, 2006
basically a slut puta is how u say slut in spanish i dunno why stupid ppl confuse this for a bitch.
me:you puta u slept with my man
Girl:im not a bitch
Me:stupid ppl are ruining this country its a slut by da way.
by sexylatina14 November 28, 2005
A puta is a slut or whore, generally Latina.
Comes from the spanish word.
Man, that chic o'er there is such a puta.
by AwexomeCross November 21, 2006
Filipino term for being a bitch. Used in a sentence to throw an insult against that person.
Puta ang ina mo! (You're son of a bitch!)
by Shintaro Go April 03, 2004
1. Spanish word for dog or coyote

2. Slut

3. Computer
1. I hear putas barking every nite, someone put a muzzle on them

2. A puta got arrested in Chicago

3. My puta keeps freezing up on me. It's time for me to get a Dell
by Saints June 22, 2004

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