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The spanish way of saying bitch.
That stupid Puta took my shit.
by Sandyy May 25, 2007
Slut, Whore, Easily seduced. Drunk woman at bar. Flirtatious woman. A female that sleeps around on her husband/ boyfriend. Likes to have lots of sex with different guys. Easy to bed.
Me voy a echar a esa puta. Me gusta es putita. Me gusta conocer putas en los clubs.
by MariaAntonia July 13, 2006
basically a slut puta is how u say slut in spanish i dunno why stupid ppl confuse this for a bitch.
me:you puta u slept with my man
Girl:im not a bitch
Me:stupid ppl are ruining this country its a slut by da way.
by sexylatina14 November 28, 2005
A puta is a slut or whore, generally Latina.
Comes from the spanish word.
Man, that chic o'er there is such a puta.
by AwexomeCross November 21, 2006
Filipino term for being a bitch. Used in a sentence to throw an insult against that person.
Puta ang ina mo! (You're son of a bitch!)
by Shintaro Go April 03, 2004
1. Spanish word for dog or coyote

2. Slut

3. Computer
1. I hear putas barking every nite, someone put a muzzle on them

2. A puta got arrested in Chicago

3. My puta keeps freezing up on me. It's time for me to get a Dell
by Saints June 22, 2004
a man or a woman who likes to do sex a lot, usually with different patners every week, in different positions, and does kinky stuff like anal and liking ass
hey, estás bien puta
by Mariolino May 10, 2006