A band so bad you can't even laugh at it.
With a frontman so terrible that one would pay to go to their show just to egg him.

Did nickelback write that song"rockstar" seriously?
Or was that some kind of sick joke?
#band #nickelback #suck #fag #kill #gay #shit
Another word for absolute shit
They could very well be the worst band in the world.
faggot: "nickelback is amazing"
non-faggot: " shut up, they suck balls"
#nickleback #shit #bad music #canada #horrible
by Qannabis King April 26, 2008
What you call a band that you hear on the radio but you aren't sure who they are, but they sound like every other band. So you just call them "Nickelback"
Guy 1: who sings that one "chasing cars" song?
Guy 2: I think thats nickelback, dude
Guy 1: *turns on radio*

Radio: "Can you take me HIGHER?"

Guy 2: Dammit, not another nickelback song!
#worst band ever #boring #shit #bleeding ears #yawn
by School_Sick_801 June 13, 2009
A shitty alt. rock/post-grunge/nu-metal band with only one song to be proud of, Side of a Bullet, due to it's inclusion of an unreleased solo by the late, great Dimebag Darrel
Nickelback sucks pretty bad.
#nu metal #post grunge #alt. rock #hard rock #seether
by ThroatSlit March 31, 2007
A terrible band that produces songs relating to alcohol, sluts, or being white trash.
Did you hear the new nickelback song about the slutty, white trash, drunk chick that fucks everyone?
#nickelback #band #music #douche bag #sluts
by cgreenly June 01, 2010
Three words
three more words
three more words
Many people say that hopefully they will never know what hell is like. I know what hell is like. Hell is nickelback's crappy ass song being THE MOST PLAYED ON THE RADIO! back a few years ago. Most played, it was a horrible song that got more horrible, and now I know what hell feels like. If I go to hell, they will play Nickelback as their soundtrack to life.
does it need an example? someone just assassinate the singer of Nickelback, and the world can be happy again.
by TruthSpeaker August 09, 2004
1)A band, which, no matter how hard they try, can't sound like pearl-jam
2)A person who attempts to sound like Eddie Vedder but can't
3)An example of todays bull-shit music. Turn it off and listen to something real!!!!
See: sucky music
He's such a NickelBack!!!
by Jimmy Joe December 23, 2003
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