Don't write back.

A post-script abbreviation used to indicate that a message does not require a reply on behalf of the recipient.

Often used as a form of reverse-psychology to instigate said reply.
1. Malfoy: Hey dude, it's Foy. I realised that I'm gay. dwb.

2. Dad: I'll be home at 6. dwb.

3. Nervous dude: I love you. dwb.
by Esh Lad Oner January 28, 2008
Down with buttfucking
Terrell: Yo, you know Lex is dwb?
Tyrone: Da white girl?
Terrell: Yea nigga!
Tyrone: Nigga dat ass is soo tight how da fuck you gonna tell me shes dwb?
Terrell: Idk nigga, wanna find out?
Tyrone: Hellz yea nigga! We gonna run a train on dat bitch...gimma her numba...
by StevieGGGGG July 22, 2010
Down with brown .
Guy: Dude that White Guy is with that black girl..
Guy's Friend : Dude hes DWB (down with brown)
by BlakeBub July 01, 2009
Dazzle with Brilliance
If you can not dazzle with brilliance (DWB) then you may need to baffle with bullshit (BWB).
by iufaninark June 03, 2009
stands for drunk white bitch,
drunk white bitches who pick fights, fall over repeatedly, and have an illegal alcohol level

could also include girls who drink 2 beers and act drunk
"dwb 12 o clock"

"im so drunk! i drank 3 beers"
by mmyeahhhhh August 21, 2009
Something that plastic wannabe (but not gonnabe) Gangstas in the UK always shout when they get pulled over by the police, because they watch too much TV and think they're homies in South Central LA, rather than a quiet suburb of London. Frequently used by white upper middle class students just prior to being arrested for drink driving. Maybe a respectable saying used legitimately in the USA, but in Europe, it's just gay.
"Here we go again you Po-Po mofo, what's wrong offic-ah, you 'tink u got me for DWB?"

"Sorry sir, why are you speaking with an American accent when you're a student from Oxford.....who's drugs are these in the ashtray?"
by lajopi 292 August 09, 2007
Down with Brown. Most commonly referred to as a white girl that is interested only in black guys.
"Damn that girl is hot!" ..."Not a chance dude, she's DWB."
by iMages January 24, 2007
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