Driving While Black. Being Pulled over because you are an African American male or female. Doesn't mean you have committed a crime, its what happens when some cops get bored or see you driving a car they think you stole because they think you cannot afford it. LMAO
Rodney King got his ass beat by LAPD for D.W.B (Driving While Black.)
by PLigz January 16, 2008
Driving While Black

You know, when a racist cracker cop pulls over a black driver for no reason other than being black.
Those white devil cops HATE it when a brother can afford a nice car!
by Bozz Hawg April 19, 2004
When black people in a beat up/old car are pulled over for driving through a middle or upper class white neighborhood.
You don't need to be speeding to get pulled over in this town-they'll get you for D.W.B.
by NothingAs1tSeems March 31, 2008
Stands for Definitely Wanna Bang
Dude see that girl over there? DWB that!
by deezybee September 27, 2011
A Dirty White Boy, a white boy willing to get down for a cause. They are normally racest and travel in packs. D.W.B's stand for truth and loyalty for each other
Me and my D.W.B's goin to tear this town apart tonight! D.W.B for life!

If anything happens I know My D.W.B's got my back
by Dirty~White~Boy~~D.W.B December 01, 2009
Dumb White Bitch

Ugg boots, daddy's credit card, getting a BA in psychology. there's a million of them, and they love acting like morons to try and get a man. they can't hold a conversation and they love to drink vodka and Red Bull.
"man did you hear those DWBs talkin about Grey's Anatomy?"

"I'm gonna get plastered and find a DWB to fuck"
by xtrmntr March 16, 2008
Don't write back.

A post-script abbreviation used to indicate that a message does not require a reply on behalf of the recipient.

Often used as a form of reverse-psychology to instigate said reply.
1. Malfoy: Hey dude, it's Foy. I realised that I'm gay. dwb.

2. Dad: I'll be home at 6. dwb.

3. Nervous dude: I love you. dwb.
by Esh Lad Oner January 28, 2008

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