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A place rumored (by adults) to be
A. the best 4 years of their lives
B. good for you
However, in all actuality it is a system of prisons cleaverly decorated with pee-yellow walls, faulty lights, air-conditioners that never seem to be turned on at the right time of the year, and heaters with a blazing high temperature of 55 degrees. There are many elements of high school, but seeing as many have already explained the social aspects, i will dwell annoyingly on the educational aspects.

~school overview~
educational officials, or teachers, "teach", or rather make you memorize facts, figures, rules, and many other things that they claim "will be very useful to you in the future" however, 95% of this information is utterly useless, and completely forgotten the second you walk out of the classroom. teachers usually emphasise becoming an individual, independent, free-thinking, creative member of society by forcing you to conform to their standards.

~Math Department~

teachers teach you about numbers, tables, charts, and other mathmatical things. in the early education years, the information seems relevant enough (multiplication, money, charts etc.) but, proceeding through the school years, the information becomes ludicris and exceedingly diffucult to understand, much less pronounce.

~Social Department~

established to teach about the world around us. the teacher repeats the phrase " we learn about history so we can learn from our mistakes" constantly and overbearingly, while overlooking the fact that no one country really learns from their mistakes, as their is , and will most likely be, outbreaks of war, senseless violence, genocide, and other crimes untill the end of time. this is, however, a decently usefull class (some of the time)

~science department~

the most pointless information that anyone will ever force you to "learn", unless you plan on becoming a scientist, or a science teacher. basic lectures are understandibly important (knowing the difference between a chipmunk and a volcano), but, like the math department, the info. becomes remarkibly useless. Contrary to popular belief, knowing how to classify a rock isn't going to do much for you, unless you plan on becoming a geoligist. Also, knowing that an ice age may happen someday again will not stop the afformentioned ice age from happening. When science teachers aren't dumbing you down with difficult, ultra-specific facts, they are telling you obvious information that you already knew long before they ever told you( the top of the mountain is usually the highest elevation).

~health department~

usually jam-packed with diagrams and gross facts that you will never remember. said diagrams are often pointless, because i don't know too many girls that plan on suddenly sprouting a penis and labeling it.

~foreign launguage department~

usually useless, because the teachers barly know how to speak the language they are supposidly teaching, and it is unlikely that many people will travel to ancient greece and be forced to remember their grammar endings. however, vocabulary words may help you remember other english words.

~english department~

teachers let you speak your inner creativity by forcing you to complete outlined, drawn-out, graded compositions. the formula usually goes something like this :
hard work + creativity = a bad grade
generic words + comformity + writing what they want to hear = a passing grade. and however much the teacher stresses that they want original ideas, they never really do. follow the exact guidelines and revert questions into sentences and you're sure to get a 90% or above.

~gym department~

originally created to keep our young ones fit and acceptable to society. however, as well as the intention may have been (or not been) this never seems to work, as the overweight kids usually find a clever, creative way out of every class. also, by the time you get changed and warmed-up, the dismissal bell has already rung and you are late for your next class, which is usually taught by a mean, strict, and detention-giving teacher. in short, the most exercise you get in gym class is running to your next class. plus, many gym teachers are usually borderlin obese.

In conclusion, you go into high school with friends, dreams, creativity, will to learn, and hope for the world. You come out of high school with no friends, crushed hopes, comformity, and realisation that the world sucks even worse then you once thought. To quote Happy Bunny, "High School Prepared you for the real world - which also sucks."
"But Mom said High school was fun..."

"Christ it's cold in here!"

"be yourself! (coughwithinreasonofcoursecough)

teacher:" quadratic equations are easy and fun! come on -
x4 + px2 + qx + r = 0 - who's up for it?"

teacher:"wars usually end up in nothing but death and more wars.."
student:"than why do you have a pro-operation iraqi freedom poster on the wall?"

teacher:"this is the marker that they pound onto the tops of mountains to show that it's the highest elevation"
student:"golly gee wilikers- i thought the bottom of the mountain was actually the highest point! silly me!"

teacher: "fill in this diagram on fat composition while i go eat mcdonalds in the back of the classroom"

teacher : "what does quodamodo mean?"
student : "i don't know..what does it mean?"
teacher : "um..eh...uh..DETENTION!"

teacher :" okay. write this 2000 word comp. on what creativity means to you. and be sure to use proper grammer and 10/12 of the following vocabulary words..."

teacher : okay- run 4 laps while i sit, watch you, and yell at you.

billy:"i hate high school...alot."
bobby:"at least your not alone - everyone in the world is forced to go to school to learn how to be a free-thinking, indepentant, yet conforming and timid tool of society. "
billy:"thanks bobby...you really helped..."

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