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A female or male that resembles a hoe or whore. They behave in a way in which they advertise their bodies and allow members of the same or opposite sex explore their bodies. They also, perform sexual acts and are not virgins, but a pop can still be a pop and not a virgin.
"Yo, is she a pop?" "Yea, she a pop. My nigga got head from her the other day!"
by ~Reign~ October 14, 2006
The tip of a male's penis.
"He tried to put his head in my vagina but I stopped him."
by ~Reign~ October 14, 2006
the action of punching someone. usually in the face because it is like you are caving it in. can apply to any area of the body however.
"Back up, before I duff you in your face!"
by ~Reign~ October 14, 2006
a person that wears 2 many colors that their outfit becomes uncontrasted and they look like a pack of skittles.
Why is she wearin orannge, red, green and gray? She look like a damn skittle!
by ~Reign~ October 15, 2006
verb 1- to make something new, fashionable, or stylish
verb 2- to market and profit off of a hoe's business (getting momey for sexual acts performed)
noun 1- person who does verb 2 and fits certain characterisitcs (sum sterotypes are permed hair, gold teeth, leather or furred jackets, hats with a feather, etc.)
noun 2- a person who juggles more than one female at time, either relationship wise or just as a freind w/ benefits/sex buddy.
verb 1- That dude, pimped my ride over at West Coast Customs

verb 2- That hoe, is bringin me in mad money. I'm pimpin her hard body.

noun 1- I am pimp and you know it. You pay my hoe and she brings me the dough

noun 2- I am a pimp because I got my mother's friend and your girl and I have sex both of them on the regualar.
by ~Reign~ October 15, 2006
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