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slang abbreviation for "natural". Usually used to refer to Natural Light beer. Also used in the health & fitness community to refer to bodybuilders who do not utilize performance-enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids.
1) Yo, someone toss me a natty from the fridge.

2) I don't care how big you can get on roids...I'd rather be natty and 190 lbs., than 250 lbs. and juicing.
by zwordsmith June 29, 2013
The unintended, unwanted result of not practicing safe-sexual relations out of simple stupidity.
Don't forget to put on that condom, bro...You don't want that chick to be in the hospital nine months from now popping out a stupkid.
by zwordsmith April 28, 2010
A person who utilizes libertarian rhetoric or associations to disguise support of government agendas.

Most often lives or operates inside the Washington D.C. political arena, located within the borders of Interstate 495, aka the "Capital Beltway".
That beltarian is at it again: claiming we need to shrink government while advocating for tax increases and more war spending.
by zwordsmith December 18, 2012
Abbreviation for post-cycle therapy. Refers to a class of drugs and the administration regime employed to restore a user's natural hormone production after a "cycle" in the ergogenic use of anabolic steroids.
If you're going to go on a steroid cycle, you had better at least have a PCT planned out.
by zwordsmith June 29, 2013
shorthand abbreviation for "full-time"
I really like visiting South Carolina, but there's no way I could live there f/t.
by zwordsmith January 24, 2011
Shorthand for "hat tip to..."
It appears as though the news story in my last blog entry was based on false information. HT2 a random commenter on my blog who brought this to my attention.
by zwordsmith November 27, 2010

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