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A person who takes photographs with a Canon camera. These people usually think that features out-weigh optical quality. They will buy a $1200 body, and slap a cheap lens on it, and a cheap flash. But they feel that the $1200 body they bought will save them from their poor optical choices.
I got this cool Tamron lens, it was only $150, and it's a 2.4/24-80. Good thing i shoot canon!
by zoey April 25, 2004
A alt. slang for cool right on ect, as said by the neo hippies, stoners, ect.
Shawn: I just bought a new hat, it's way cool.
Laura: Taaaaze
by zoey April 10, 2004
A person who photographs with a Nikon camera, and is convinced it's tha bomb. In reality, Nikon has been really slipping in optical performance since the mid 1970s. Today, even Canon and Olympus Zuiko are pulling well ahead in technical specifications.

Plus, the results are usually pretty bland.
only a nikonian would be convinced that a $150 lens is "top of the line"
by zoey April 25, 2004

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