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6 definitions by zoepan

a woman massaging another woman without using her hands.
Olga gave Birget a norwegian massage at a bachelor party.
norwegian lunch;norwegian shopping
by zoepan December 10, 2004
22 10
Two women, during a shopping trip, continuously duck into fitting rooms, restrooms, etc, to "sample carpets".
The next time Birget and I go norwegian shopping, I must remember to bring some dental floss.
by zoepan December 07, 2004
15 6
noun: during a conversation, you suddenly think of performing oral art on the woman you're speaking to; this only works if you are a woman
Birgit left a message on my norwegian machine and said, "Olga, i be tinky of ya"..." call me" there be a pause, i think she think to lick me.
by zoepan February 04, 2005
11 11
A term used mainly by males of Asian descent to invite sexy, American -type women to converse in a lewd or lascivious manner.
Hai U like topchat this day?
by zoepan December 23, 2004
2 3
the act of two women, during a lunch in an expensive restaurant, taking turns ducking under the table for a "snack".
The steak was delicious, but the norwegian lunch really filled me up
by zoepan December 04, 2004
19 23
noun: during a conversation, a women can't think what to say to another women to whom she wants to do norwegian things to.
I was on the phone with Birgit when my tongue failed me and sent me into a fit of norwegian stutter .
by zoepan February 04, 2005
7 14