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Someone who enjoys popping zits. Their own zits, their friends zits, or even a strangers zits.
Barry: Dude I have this killer zit on my back and I can't reach it!

Yolanda: Oh, you should ask Anne to get that for you. She's a zit zapper!
by zitqueenleah October 15, 2007
Some one who lusts for the popping of pimples. Person or persons whom cannot control their unholy thirst for the grease below the flesh
Billy Jenkins: F@#K! I hate my pimples!

Jamie Lynn Rudner: Oh why billy, may I have a look? If you dont mind do you think i could pop a few?

Billy Jenkins: ok, i guess...

Jamie Lynn Rudner: Yessss, this precious face fluid will go into my sugar dish until i have enough for the feast!!

Billy Jenkins: oh Jamie Lynn Rudner... Your such a pimple dick! (giggles ensue)
by zitqueenleah October 15, 2007

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