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This move is where you pull out and blow your load on a girl in aiming to get some up one or both of her nostrils. This is similar to when Luke Skywalker (using the call sign Red 5) had to land a missle in the small vent shaft of the Death Star due to the difficulty and small target area.
I did it! I actually pulled off the Red 5. She was blowing cum out of her nose for hours.
by zippy4109 June 17, 2010
A cocaine kiss is where a special lady friend of yours covers her vagina in cocaine and then queefs in your face covering you in that special white powder.
I bought a hooker and a dime bag last night. She was the best hooker ever she gave me the cocaine kiss!
by zippy4109 May 10, 2010
When you aren't feeling too well and you have the hershey squirts and a poop sneaks up on you, yell "There's gooks in the wire!" Such as the Viet Cong sneaking up on an American fire base.
Oh my god, I have to poop. There's gooks in the wire!
by zippy4109 June 17, 2010
A threesome (any type) involving a priest.
We went in for our Pre-Canae class and ended up in a holy trinity with the priest.
by zippy4109 September 14, 2010

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